10 Reasons Not To Date Your Spouse


Angie and I have been in the process of raising five children most of our married life. If anyone knows a good reason to NOT date, it’s us! We are practically professionals at it! Even when we tried to sneak out and someone was gullible enough to watch the kids for us, it seemed like all we did was talk about… wait for it… the kids. While we have fewer kids at home nowadays, it seems like some old habits have stuck around.

Excuses Why Not To Date Your Spouse

I’ve made and heard plenty of excuses for not dating your spouse. Here are a few of the best (and most common) ones:

  1. We don’t have anyone to watch the kids.
  2. We don’t have enough time.
  3. Going out costs too much money.
  4. There’s plenty to do at home.
  5. I’m too tired.
  6. I’m too busy.
  7. There’s nothing fun for us to do.
  8. We can’t find a good sitter.
  9. It’s too cold/hot outside.
  10. Let’s just stay home and watch something on TV.

Any one of these excuses is valid. We’re experts at finding reasons to avoid making an effort in our marriages. Or in any area, really!

I’ll bet you could think of ten reasons for not getting out of bed this morning. And I’ll bet you could come up with another twenty for not wanting to work today! Excuses are an easy out, but eventually the pressures of reality force us into taking action. The urgency of life tells us, “I’d better get out of bed and get working or I’ll end up with nowhere to work!” We are usually forced to do what we should, regardless of our excuses. That’s reality.

The Consequences of Not Dating

In marriage, the consequences of our excuses aren’t nearly as tangible or immediate. If you don’t take your spouse out on a date night, so what? Life will go on. You’ll still be employed. You’re not forced to make any special effort toward the relationship because there appears to be no urgency. But is that really true?!

Marriages that live with no sense of urgency in their passion and commitment by continuing to date one another or improve their relationship will eventually dry up. Need proof? Look at the divorce rate. Is this really your goal for your marriage?

Make Dating Great Again

Why not jump-start your marriage? Do what it takes to bring a little romance and dating back into your marriage. In the face of excuses, why not make something happen? Don’t wait for your spouse to initiate— you start. You can’t afford to not make your marriage a priority.

As a matter of fact, click this link right here (Date Night) and sign up for Hope’s second annual Date Night, Oct 19th from 6:30-8:30pm. Childcare is free AND we’ve already planned your whole date for you. All you have to do is pick… where you want to eat. *gulp*

Romans 15:13,

Shane P Friesen