Who Is This Man?

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This coming weekend we will be starting a new sermon series walking verse by verse through Jesus’ teaching that is most commonly referred to as “The Sermon on the Mount.” This teaching, found in Matthew 5-7, is widely considered Jesus’ most famous teaching and is Jesus’ call for His followers to live a counter-cultural life. 

However, I believe it is important we are careful not to place Jesus first as our teacher and second as our savior! Any studying of Jesus’ teaching best comes from an understanding that He is King of kings and our Savior. Once we understand this truth, the teachings of Jesus take on new meaning and new significance as we try to follow His instructions for our life.

During this sermon series, along with the scriptures, I will be using numerous books and commentaries to help my understanding and assist my teaching. One of these resources is a book by Marvin Martin, a Wichitan, a mentor to me, and a great Jesus follower.  Marvin encourages us to start our study of “The Sermon on the Mount” with an understanding of who Jesus is. Marvin wrote the following poem:


“Who Is This Man?” by Marvin Martin


Who is this man who climbs the hill?

Why does the crowd

grow strangely still?

Where does he come from,

Where will he go?

Before I’ll follow, I want to know.


Many years before He came,

Prophets spoke and called His name.

They said He would be God’s great plan

To humble Himself and become a man.

To show His love for you and me

And save us for eternity.


But is He who He claims to be?

The King of a Kingdom we cannot see?

What has He done—who has believed?

If I follow Him, will I be deceived?


Who is this Man? Yes,

Who is the man?

I want to know—Who is this man?


The blind can see, the lame can walk,

The sick are healed, the dumb can talk.

Though what He says seems a mystery

He’s surely Who He claims to be!


Yes, this is the Man!

Christ the King,

This is the Man!


I hope you’ll join us this coming weekend as we start our new sermon series “In Living Color,” a study of “The Sermon on the Mount.” This isn’t just an ordinary study, it’s a study of the teachings of Christ the King!