A Sacred Space

Nick MartineauBlog

This past week our Raising More Hope project really came to life!  A group of men worked long days putting together our bents and beams, carefully raising the timber, and putting everything properly in its place.  Our barn is now standing tall.  It’s a beautiful sight that has already felt sacred and peaceful to me.  I’m happy.

Many of you have commented on how quickly the barn took shape, and while I agree, I also want to make sure we stop to celebrate and appreciate all the energy and effort it has taken to get to this point. 

Amish and Mennonite communities have been participating in barn-raisings for centuries. The idea of a barn-raising is that an entire community will stop what they are doing, come together, and play their part to see a barn raised. It’s not just the skilled workers doing the work, but men, women, youngers, olders, and even kids, sacrificing and doing what they can to get the job done.

Here at Hope, we might not have physically done the lifting of the bents and the beams, but during these last couple of years I have witnessed our church family go all in, sacrificing, giving, and serving in faith to get the job done. With the timbers now raised, I think it’s good for us to pause and be grateful for what the Heavenly Father is, and has, done among us!

Sometimes it takes a lot of energy and work before you see the very thing you are striving for start to take shape and come alive. Whether it’s a barn-raising, a career goal, improved health and healing, or even growth in our faith, we can often spend countless days and resources striving, with little hope that the end is in sight. And then, all of a sudden, things start to take shape, the timbers stand tall, and a sacred space has come to life!

One night last week while the sun was setting, I came up to Hope to watch the sunset behind our raised timbers. I thanked the Father for the journey He has us on, that I get to be with you all for it, and for the new sacred space He has raised in our hearts and on our property.