An Epic Journey!

Nick MartineauBlog

It took right around 40 hours for our family to get from Wichita to Uganda. It wasn’t the most efficient way to travel to Uganda, but it was more economical for us. 

Our kids started out excited. They were looking forward to the plane rides…they loved the newness of going through security, they loved getting their own bags of peanuts and pretzels and getting to pick their own drinks, and then on the long plane rides they loved getting their own TV to watch movies. All the excitement and newness wore off after about 20 hours…. They made it longer than Liz and I were expecting, but still about 20 hours short of our destination.

Around the half-way point of our trip our kids, understandably, started looking weary. They started asking questions like, “Are you sure we are heading to Uganda?”, “How many more hours ‘til we get there?”, and at one point one of our kiddos said, “I’m not sure we will ever get to Uganda, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

I really can’t blame our kids. 40 hours in airports and airplanes is a long time, and they truly did an amazing job. Yet I’ve thought of their questions often.

When we set out on a journey, we often stop midway and question whether we are doing the right thing. When we come across an obstacle, when things end up being harder than we expected, or when we are just plain weary, we can stop and start asking questions like “Are we sure we are heading in the right direction?” or “Will we ever actually arrive?”

As a church family we have felt the call to embark on a pretty epic Jesus-journey together. For the past 6+ months, Hopesters have been sacrificially giving to our Raising More Hope People campaign. This coming Fall we will break ground on our new Kids Hall and Barn, and we hope to complete our new building in the Spring/Summer of 2020. This is a major undertaking and major journey we have all set out on together.

Like all epic journeys, there will be some challenges to overcome and some weariness to push through. Yet it is always important to remember the purpose of our journey. Our purpose is not to get a barn built; nor is our purpose to build a new kids hall (though it will be nice when both of those are accomplished). Our purpose is to bring people closer to Jesus!

This coming weekend we are going to start a new sermon series on the life of Abraham. As we embark on our own epic Jesus-journey, we are going to be studying Abraham’s journey and the faithful steps he took as he awaited God’s promises to be fulfilled in his life. Abraham stumbled along the way, but ultimately persevered, remaining faithful to God and seeing God fulfill His promises in extraordinary ways.

We have a lot we can learn from studying Abraham’s journey, so I hope you’ll join us this coming weekend, and I hope you’d consider inviting a friend.