Anticipating Legos

Nick MartineauBlog

My kids love Legos, and a few weeks ago one of my boys got fixated on getting a Lego limousine and helicopter set. He researched stores with the cheapest prices, he flipped through hundreds of pictures, and he read reviews of others who had gotten the same Lego set. All this research made him want the set more and more.

He didn’t just stop at researching. He knew he couldn’t afford it, so he went and asked some neighbors if he could start mowing their lawn, and sure enough one of them said yes! After securing his first “job,” and after a couple weeks of mowing, he had earned enough money to purchase the coveted Lego limousine and helicopter set.

I’ve decided that I want to anticipate my time with Jesus like my son has anticipated the mailperson bringing his Lego set!   

I wrote down some things I have learned from watching my son wait for his Lego set that I can use in my own relationship with Jesus:

    • What you read and research is what you end up craving.
    • You can use your time, energy, and giftings to invest in what you are desiring.
    • While you wait, you can learn more from reading product descriptions, reviews, and looking at pictures. The learning adds to the excitement and anticipation.
    • Even though you may not really know when your package will come, there is a benefit in waking up every morning with expectation that today is the day. (The tracking number for my son’s Lego set said it would arrive on a Friday, but delightfully, to everyone’s surprise, it showed up two days early. He was thrilled!)

One day Jesus will return…May we all long for Jesus the way a child anticipates the mailperson bringing his Lego set!

But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me. (Micah 7:7)