Baptism… The Rest of the Story

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Baptism… The Rest of the Story

Paul Harvey might be known as the most admired and loved voice ever on radio. His “The Rest of the Story” radio broadcast was heard by millions. At the peak of Harvey’s popularity and prosperity, a restlessness within him pushed him to seek a higher power. Harvey had received almost every award and accolade one could receive for broadcasting, yet he still felt empty inside.

Years ago, Guidepost Magazine printed an article titled “My Quiet Heart.” In the article, the famous radio legend Paul Harvey described his baptism and when he truly found peace in his life. Paul Harvey writes:

Seemingly, I had everything for which a man could ask. Everything, that is, except a quiet heart. Something was missing. This emptiness was still within. March of last year Angel and I were vacationing in Arizona, and one Sunday morning decided to attend services in a small church on a hilltop. Inside were a dozen or so worshipers on wooden folding chairs, a scene reminiscent of ones I had seen many times as a youth…. The minister preached about baptism, and my attention began to focus on the simple eloquence of this country preacher. I twisted in my chair. “Submission to God,” the minister said. He asked those who wanted to be baptized to join him. I found myself by his side. The preacher said there was nothing magical about the water. Yet as I descended into its depths and rose again, I knew something life-changing had happened. A cleansing inside and out. No longer were there two Paul Harveys – just one happy one. I felt the fulfilling surge of the Holy Spirit. Afterward I cried like a baby. I looked at Angel and her eyes were shining. The change in my life since this simple act has been indescribable…Because baptism is such a public act –and because one’s dignity gets as drenched as one’s body– I’ve discovered a new unselfconsciousness in talking about my beliefs. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ but have never been immersed for baptism, why wait? “What are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on His name” (Acts 22:16).

This coming weekend is our Annual Baptism Sunday. It’s one of my favorite services of the year! I hope you will plan to attend. I’m hoping many of us show up to cheer on and celebrate those Hopesters that are taking this simple yet significant step of faith.

We will only have one service this weekend, at 10:45 at our outdoor amphitheater. (Plan on bringing a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.) After the service, plan to hang around as we will have hot dogs, burgers, and music. It’s the perfect opportunity to truly celebrate fellow Hopesters coming closer to Jesus.

Hope to see you Sunday!