Guns N’ Grub

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Bring $5 to cover costs for clays and food. Sign-up in the Middle Lobby at Hope so we know how many to expect. Email Mark Hershey if you have any questions:


Nick MartineauBlog

Trees It is not every day you are given the opportunity to do something that will last for generations to come! I remember when I was a kid my dad came home one day with … Read More

The Land of the Dying

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The Land of the Dying The other day I heard another pastor say, “I didn’t realize I would be dealing with a local, national, or global crisis every month, sometimes every week, in my ministry.” … Read More

I Once Was Blind

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I Once Was Blind At Hope, we usually encourage people to wait for our annual Baptism service to be baptized, but every once in awhile, there’s a situation that warrants not waiting. Earlier this week, … Read More


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Community I once had a friend lament that there wasn’t much community at his church: He said there weren’t many people that he connected with at his stage of life. I was listening empathetically, as … Read More

My First Day of Kindergarten

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My First Day of Kindergarten Like in many other families, our kids started school this week. There were some back-to-school nerves in our home; we started making lunches again, laying out clothes, and carving out … Read More

Judgment Day

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Judgment Day, Literally A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting amongst nearly 60 other people waiting to be heard by a judge. A month prior I had received a ticket for an expired license … Read More


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Papa I have six grandkids. (I know, I look much too young to have grandchildren….but that is beside my point!)  And, I love these kids. This summer Jennie and I took three of the older … Read More

Reflections from the Road

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Reflections from the Road Recently, my wife Jennie and I returned from two long trips in the Midwest.  We traveled through six states (Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana), and several large cities (Kansas … Read More

Drive-In Movie

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Hope Drive In Movie Night is July 28th at 9:35 pm in the Amphitheater showing the classic summer blockbuster Sandlot (You’re killing me Smalls!): cars, blankets or lawn chairs are welcome.