We Believe

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We Believe Can you imagine a world without maps? How would we know where we are going? Maps are amazing tools and serve as a great resource in helping us find our way around this … Read More

Our Last Name

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Our Last Name When I was growing up, and to be honest still to this day, my dad would say to me, “Remember, you’re a Martineau.” My dad was trying to help me connect my … Read More

Put Your Helmet On

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Put Your Helmet On My favorite sports story of the year happened last week. It didn’t get a lot of attention so you probably didn’t hear about it. Here’s the description laid out in the … Read More

Looking For Hope

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Looking For Hope   Hope can be one of the most frightening, challenging things we are asked to hold onto as Jesus followers. Hope can be followed by pain and disappointment and is a huge … Read More

My Jesus Worldview

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My Jesus Worldview Even though I’ve mentioned this in the past, I’ll say it again: I like interesting words and phrases. Kind of weird I know, but it’s just the way God has uniquely wired … Read More



Hope Community Church Vacation Bible School June 11-15, 9am-Noon 4years old (by June 15, 2018) through 5th Grade graduates Important Information We will be using a computerized check-in (available at 8:15am) to get daily name … Read More



Thanks for your interest in being a volunteer at our Vacation Bible School! Please know there are a few prerequisites that you need to be able to answer “YES” to. By submitting this form you … Read More

Our Best Days Are Ahead

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Our Best Days Are Ahead The greatest moment in my athletic career came during a playoff baseball game. It was the bottom of the 9th inning, my team was down by two runs, we had … Read More

Out Of Devestation

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Out of Devastation I have very much enjoyed going through the book of Nehemiah and watching the restoration story unfold. It has been a great reminder to me that the broken, run down things in … Read More

Fear Is A Powerful Force

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Fear Is A Powerful Force Fear is a powerful force. It can be motivating, paralyzing, life-altering, and deceptive. Fear can be sneaky, too: it has a way of maneuvering its forces into my life and … Read More