Blue Foam Slide Party


Before you read any further watch the video above! It’s hard to explain what a Blue Foam Slide is with words. This year we are making our slide longer and bluer. Along with some epic … Read More

Searching For Certainty

Nick MartineauBlog

We are living in strange days with an unknown virus and a plethora of fake news.  We all long to know what is truly going on, and yet we (Nick & Mark, teaming up to … Read More

Gents Archery Combat Sign-Up

Ben GriffisUncategorized

DO THIS FIRST!!!!! Download, print, fill out, and then BRING Liability Waiver to event. Students cannot participate if form has not been completed by parent or guardian.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Nick MartineauBlog

This time in history has revealed quite a lot about ourselves, hasn’t it? One thing I have noticed and want to write about is fear. It seems that fear is a major driver of people’s … Read More

An Invitation to Recalibration

Mark HersheyBlog

When I first started at Hope Community Church ten years ago, there was something I had a love/hate relationship with. I say love because there were many fun memories in conjunction with this thing. I … Read More

Hello Hopesters


We have great news! With careful planning, we’re excited to let you know that we are opening our Kids and Student ministry classes on July 12. We will start offering our Kids and Youth programs … Read More

Coming Inside

Nick MartineauBlog

If we’ve learned anything from the past couple of outdoor Sunday services, it’s that many of you are ready to be together! We are excited and encouraged by that; yet, as we look to move … Read More

A Righteous Person

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I was having coffee the other day with a friend when he asked me a question I’m not sure I’ve ever been asked. He asked if I would be willing to meet with an individual … Read More


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(I initially shared this newsletter in July 2016 but recently had someone ask, in light of the times, that I share it with you all again. I hope it is helpful for you.) “Blessed are … Read More