Summer Classes 2018


The Book of Luke Pastor Bill will resume his study of the book of Luke on Sundays at 9:00am in Room H5. Jump on in at any point this summer. Circle of Hope Our widows … Read More

Praying for Unity

Nick MartineauBlog

Praying for Unity Did you know there is a movement of prayer and a movement of unity moving throughout our city? The Wichita Prayer Movement ( started a couple years ago with bimonthly prayer meetings … Read More

Baptism… The Rest of the Story

Nick MartineauBlog

Baptism… The Rest of the Story Paul Harvey might be known as the most admired and loved voice ever on radio. His “The Rest of the Story” radio broadcast was heard by millions. At the … Read More

Flying Grasshoppers

Nick MartineauBlog

Flying Grasshoppers A few weeks ago while attending the Wichita Prayer Breakfast, the main speaker, Cheryl Batchelder, former CEO of Popeye’s Chicken, shared a thought from Scripture that I have been pondering almost every day … Read More

Eyes on the Prize

Steve WeldonBlog

Eyes on the Prize A fact of life: Having a proper perspective, having the right outlook, possessing love and joy makes life go better.  It’s true! Such as… reading a 200-page book is a delight if … Read More

Canary Birds

Nick MartineauBlog

Canary Birds I recently read that until 1986 British miners used to carry a caged canary bird into a coal mine as a life-saving device. Coal mines historically did not have proper ventilation systems, and … Read More

Steve WeldonBlog Be who you are in bringing people closer to Jesus as you partner with others. This has been a thought which has been on my mind and heart a lot lately. It is a … Read More

A Change of Plans

Nick MartineauBlog

A Change of Plans Have you ever made plans and then something happened and screwed it all up? That’s kind of how it went for me in writing this week’s newsletter. I had it all … Read More

I want.

Mark HersheyBlog

I want. It was a fleeting thought. I’m embarrassed by it. Why on earth would I ever consider doing that? Surely there is no possibility of potential good! Shouldn’t my years of experience have told … Read More

We Believe

Nick MartineauBlog

We Believe Can you imagine a world without maps? How would we know where we are going? Maps are amazing tools and serve as a great resource in helping us find our way around this … Read More