Broken Things

Nick MartineauBlog

Growing up, one of my friends had a small ski boat. It was old and a little rickety, but it gave us many fun summer memories on the lake.

I can remember, with excitement and anticipation, helping his family get the boat out, clean it up, and put it in the water. The only problem was, nearly every time we put it in the water, it wouldn’t start.

I did miss an adventure with the boat, however.  My friend shared with me how he and his dad were working on the boat, trying to get it running, when suddenly the entire engine caught fire! They both immediately jumped overboard into the water, not knowing if the whole thing would blow up. Thankfully, it did not.

Each summer, that boat would remind us of an important lesson: Broken things do not function the way they are designed to! The boat didn’t work like we hoped it would, because it was broken.

You do not have to be alive very long to discover that we live in a broken world. Talk to a neighbor, answer the next phone call, or turn on the news, and you will see the brokenness all around us.

Our world is broken, but it did not begin that way. God designed and created a world that was incredibly beautiful and abundantly good! Then when mankind rebelled against God, sin entered the world, and every facet of life has been affected by it. As a result, we all experience trouble, difficulty, sadness, death, loss, disease, disappointment, injustice, suffering, and affliction.

It is easy to get frustrated and to despair, but we should not be surprised when we feel that way. Jesus said in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble.” In which world? This feeble, temporary, broken, sin-cursed world.

However, the good news is that this is not the end of the story! Jesus continued, “But take heart! I have overcome the world.” God has not abandoned us in our brokenness. He sent His only son, Jesus, to break the curse of sin by giving His life for us on the cross!

We need not look for hope in this world. We can look for hope in the One who has overcome the world and broken the curse of sin. Don’t look for satisfaction and fulfillment in this world, because you won’t find it. Instead, find your ultimate satisfaction in Jesus and the new home He is preparing for us!