My Jesus Worldview

Steve WeldonBlog

My Jesus Worldview Even though I’ve mentioned this in the past, I’ll say it again: I like interesting words and phrases. Kind of weird I know, but it’s just the way God has uniquely wired … Read More

Our Best Days Are Ahead

Nick MartineauBlog

Our Best Days Are Ahead The greatest moment in my athletic career came during a playoff baseball game. It was the bottom of the 9th inning, my team was down by two runs, we had … Read More

Out Of Devestation

Nick MartineauBlog

Out of Devastation I have very much enjoyed going through the book of Nehemiah and watching the restoration story unfold. It has been a great reminder to me that the broken, run down things in … Read More

Fear Is A Powerful Force

Nick MartineauBlog

Fear Is A Powerful Force Fear is a powerful force. It can be motivating, paralyzing, life-altering, and deceptive. Fear can be sneaky, too: it has a way of maneuvering its forces into my life and … Read More

Finding The Lost

Ben GriffisBlog

Finding The Lost I had this odd tension growing up in a family with only one pet. She was a black Toy Poodle and my parents were the ones who actually took care of her. … Read More

Mission Weekend

Steve WeldonBlog

Mission Weekend Everybody loves a story where a local kid makes good and positively impacts the world. Well… we are going to be privileged to have the opportunity to hear from one of our own … Read More

Chariots and Horses

Nick MartineauBlog

Chariots & Horses Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and … Read More

What Do You See?

Nick MartineauBlog

What do you see? I’ve never been the most athletic person, but I’ve always enjoyed playing sports. In school, I was smaller and therefore routinely picked last, or close to last, for teams: not good … Read More


Nick MartineauBlog

REMEMBER I have an app on my phone that gathers all my pictures and posts and lets me know what happened on that particular day in the years’ past. I love looking at it and … Read More

Looking for Bright Spots

Mark HersheyBlog

Looking for Bright Spots It appears as though not all winters are created equal. A few years ago, with the eagerness of a squirrel collecting acorns for the cold winter months, I cut and split … Read More