Hopeful Living

Nick MartineauBlog

We all desire the carefree, smooth-sailing, easy-living life. And so how do you respond when life gets hard? Jesus tells us, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. … Read More

Open House (High School)

Ben GriffisBlog

The high school ministry team would like to invite you and your future high school student(s) to attend our Open House on April 28 from 10:45-Noon. We’ll eat donuts, drink some coffee (for parents anyway), … Read More

Come As You Are

Nick MartineauBlog

When I was in middle school the band Nirvana was what everyone was listening to. Nirvana wrote a catchy song called “Come As You Are” and I can still recall students awkwardly dancing to it … Read More

Gathering in Secret

Mark HersheyBlog

Imagine that you risked your life every time you opened your Bible. Imagine facing imprisonment or worse for attending your small group. Imagine whispering songs of worship instead of singing aloud for fear of being … Read More

“Our Father in Heaven…”

Nick MartineauBlog

The disciples aren’t necessarily known for asking great questions, but in Matthew chapter 6 we see the disciples ask Jesus a question most of us would have liked to ask him as well: how should … Read More

Are You Angry?

Nick MartineauBlog

I don’t like anger. It’s a fairly normal emotion, but did you know the way you handle this emotion can make a difference to your physical health? Cardiologist Dave Montgomery, MD, of Piedmont Hospital says, … Read More

The Chained Dragon

Steve WeldonBlog

Growing up in a small rural town in Pennsylvania while I was delivering papers, cutting grass, taking a shortcut through a yard, or riding my bicycle, on occasion I might encounter a snarling or barking … Read More

You Can Do Hard Things

Nick MartineauBlog

Growing up, I heard folklore of my relatives walking fifteen miles uphill (both ways) to get to school. These days, I tell my kids stories like, “When I was a kid I had to rewind … Read More

Looking From the Inside Out

Charlie WellsBlog

Looking From the Inside Out I’ve been on staff at Hope for six months now and think this is a great time to share what I’ve learned having this view from the inside out. We … Read More

The Lie of Big

Steve WeldonBlog

The Lie of Big It seems to me a major ploy and deception of our ultimate adversary, the evil one, is the lie of big. It is a tactic designed to keep our eyes and … Read More