Raising More Hope

Mark HersheyBlog

Raising More Hope I am a frugal person… I hunt for deals. I use coupons. I try not to spend much money and to save whatever I can. When Sarah and I were looking to … Read More

You Won’t Want to Miss This

Nick MartineauBlog

You Won’t Want to Miss This For the past number of years, our church family has been in a sweet season. We have seen great growth within our Kids Hall, we had a smooth transition … Read More

That Sounds Impossible!

Nick MartineauBlog

That Sounds Impossible! Everyone likes a good David and Goliath story, but I know very few people who, in the moment, would choose to be David over Goliath. Why is that?   Last week in … Read More

Weakness is the Advantage

Nick MartineauBlog

Weakness is the Advantage I don’t know any cultures that praise weakness, and our nation is no different. Whether you’re a pastor, firefighter, restaurant manager, or stay-at-home parent, weakness is seen as a danger. Nobody … Read More

Be Kind

Steve WeldonBlog

Be Kind The world could use a strong and generous dose of kindness! It seems to me we are becoming more and more unkind. Check out the news! Go on-line and check out the rude … Read More

Small Things Big Difference

Nick MartineauBlog

Small Things Big Difference Can you guess what the deadliest animal in the world is? Many might guess a tiger or bear, or maybe a great white shark or snake. These would be good guesses, … Read More

Like-Minded vs. Like-Hearted

Nick MartineauBlog

Like-Minded vs. Like-Hearted A few months ago, a Hopester shared with me that one of their favorite things about our church is that we are not so much like-minded as we are like-hearted. Since that … Read More

Make A Difference

Steve WeldonBlog

Make A Difference As the Founding Pastor of Hope Community Church, also affectionately known as the Grand Poobah, thirty years ago my main focus was our beginning. Then it shifted to our year-to-year calling of … Read More

There Is A Lot Going On

Nick MartineauBlog

There Is A Lot Going On Maybe you have noticed, but we’ve had a lot going on at Hope lately. Charlie Wells started as our new Executive Pastor, Ben and Callie are making a leap … Read More

The Call and God’s Timing

Charlie WellsBlog

The Call and God’s Timing It’s been four years now that we have been here in Kansas.  Callie and I have told the Lord from the beginning that we would go wherever he called us … Read More