Hope At Home


Hope At Home This past weekend we had the opportunity to plant some trees. While the hardest work had already been done (digging the holes), we still had to get them planted. Effort and cooperation … Read More


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Trees It is not every day you are given the opportunity to do something that will last for generations to come! I remember when I was a kid my dad came home one day with … Read More

The Land of the Dying

Nick MartineauBlog

The Land of the Dying The other day I heard another pastor say, “I didn’t realize I would be dealing with a local, national, or global crisis every month, sometimes every week, in my ministry.” … Read More

I Once Was Blind

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I Once Was Blind At Hope, we usually encourage people to wait for our annual Baptism service to be baptized, but every once in awhile, there’s a situation that warrants not waiting. Earlier this week, … Read More


Mark HersheyBlog

Community I once had a friend lament that there wasn’t much community at his church: He said there weren’t many people that he connected with at his stage of life. I was listening empathetically, as … Read More

My First Day of Kindergarten

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My First Day of Kindergarten Like in many other families, our kids started school this week. There were some back-to-school nerves in our home; we started making lunches again, laying out clothes, and carving out … Read More

Judgment Day

Ben GriffisBlog

Judgment Day, Literally A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting amongst nearly 60 other people waiting to be heard by a judge. A month prior I had received a ticket for an expired license … Read More



Papa I have six grandkids. (I know, I look much too young to have grandchildren….but that is beside my point!)  And, I love these kids. This summer Jennie and I took three of the older … Read More

Reflections from the Road


Reflections from the Road Recently, my wife Jennie and I returned from two long trips in the Midwest.  We traveled through six states (Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana), and several large cities (Kansas … Read More

The Fear of Loving Your Neighbor

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The Fear of Loving Your Neighbor As we’ve gone through this Meet Your Neighbor series I’ve had many of you reach out and share how this series has challenged you to get out and meet … Read More