Get Your Head Up

Mark HersheyBlog, Discipleship

As many of you know, possibly because Pastor Nick continues to drop references to torn Achilles tendons, I had surgery on mine about a month ago. Though the healing process is going fine, it is … Read More

Admirer or Follower?

Steve WeldonBlog, Discipleship

In a book I recently finished, the following quotes really caught my attention and quickened my heart. They were: “Are we admirers or followers?” — “They think they love, but they merely desire. They think … Read More

I Love Cake

Nick MartineauBlog, Discipleship

Have you ever noticed how often we use the word love? On a typical day, I am sure I express my love for someone or something dozens of times. It’s interesting to think about how … Read More

I Need Help

Nick MartineauBlog, Discipleship

When was the last time you asked someone for help? Or are you one of those mythical creatures who has everything all figured out and life has fallen perfectly in order for you?  I’ve heard … Read More

Beautiful People

Nick MartineauBlog, Discipleship

No matter one’s political affiliation, hopefully we can all agree that Inaugurations are spectacular events and speak to the uniqueness of our country. Whether the candidate I voted for wins or loses, I try to … Read More

Becoming A Good Tree

Joel YbarraBlog, Discipleship

These past two Sundays Nick shared with us his desire for every follower of Jesus to be discipling someone and to be discipled by someone. As we enter into these relationships, it’s good for us … Read More

How Do You Start Discipling?

Joel YbarraBlog, Discipleship

Are you in a discipleship relationship? A couple weeks ago, Pastor Nick challenged all Hopesters to enter into a discipleship relationship. Have you been praying for the Heavenly Father to make this clear for you? … Read More

Discipleship Relationships

Nick MartineauBlog, Discipleship

While attendance for church services and programs might be down during this Covid season, I’ve seen many engage in deeper and more intimate relationships with Jesus and His followers. This is a beautiful thing and … Read More