Chapter 2

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don’t know anyone that doesn’t like a good story. And this past week started Chapter 2 of the Hope Community Church story.

Chapter 1 was filled with ups and downs, but mostly ups. In Chapter 1 of the story, we saw 1173 people baptized! We grew from a small handful of Founding Families to the ragtag, unique, group of Hopesters that we are today. We started out in a small shopping center and later moved into the beautiful 33 acres that we currently sit on today. Chapter 1 was filled with characters that sacrificed for the greater good, did what they could to care for future generations, and brought others closer to Jesus. Chapter 1 proved to be an epic adventure with the hero of our story (Jesus) directing our way and leading us forward.

Chapter 2 of our story promises to be an enthralling tale. I expect baptisms, growth, ups and downs, plenty of unknowns that we will navigate along the way, and a ragtag, unique church family doing what we can to support the hero of our story (Jesus).

But in truth, I also expect Chapter 2 to hold some similarities to Chapter 1. This isn’t a new story we are starting but instead we are continuing our epic adventure. Our hero is still the same: Jesus. And, our purpose is still the same: Bringing People Closer to Jesus. All good stories have some changes along the way but the hero and purpose never change.

A theme throughout Chapter 1 of the Hope story had to do with sacrificing for the greater good. Whether that sacrifice was money, time, sweat, energy, preferences, etc., the characters in Chapter 1 continually sacrificed. As we move into Chapter 2 of our story, I think we should start by sacrificing as well and by doing something for future generations.

This past weekend I encouraged all Hopesters to start Chapter 2 of our story by purchasing a tree. Not only to purchase a tree, but in the fall to participate as we have a big Church Family Tree Planting Party and plant all the trees that get purchased. This is a way for us from day 1 of Chapter 2 of our story to be thinking about the 3rd Generation of Hopesters that will one day join us in this epic adventure and will one day enjoy this property that we have been blessed with.
The trees we are looking to purchase are $50-60 each. You can buy one tree, half of a tree or 10 trees… however you feel led.  But, if you are a Hopester, and if you are able, I would encourage you to participate and help us start Chapter 2 of this epic adventure by looking beyond ourselves and purchasing/planting a tree for future generations.

Let’s start Chapter 2 off right, by looking beyond ourselves and sacrificing for the greater good. I don’t know about you, but I am really excited for Chapter 2 of this story!


PS: You can purchase a tree(s) online and we will have Love Offering Boxes out for the next few weeks too.