Coming Inside

Nick MartineauBlog

If we’ve learned anything from the past couple of outdoor Sunday services, it’s that many of you are ready to be together! We are excited and encouraged by that; yet, as we look to move back inside our building, we want to adopt a cautious and safe approach.

Due to ongoing construction, we are unable to continue meeting outside under our Barn.  So we are currently planning to come inside our building for our regular weekend services starting the weekend of July 11 and 12 (Sat. at 5 pm, Sun. at 9 am and 10:45 am).  All of our services will be available online, but for those that choose to engage face to face we want to help you prepare for a few changes we are making.

  • As we move inside we are asking you to wear a mask. We know this is something not everyone will want to do, but we are praying for unity as we move through this. For those who don’t have a mask, we will have some available, and for those who don’t want to wear a mask, we will have a live feed of our service playing in one of the H-hall classes.
  • Our Saturday 5 pm service will no longer offer Kids Ministry programs. Instead, our Saturday 5 pm service will be designed for those of us who are At Risk/Vulnerable and for those who want to ensure extra precautions and space. We will be limiting volunteers, and we expect people attending to spread out and have limited physical contact. Any kids that attend are expected to remain by their parents’ sides while inside the building.
  • For all of our services, we are removing many of our chairs from the Big Room and will be creating more space between each row. We ask that people leave space in between families unless they have already spoken with the individuals they will be sitting by.
  • During all three of our weekend services, we will no longer be taking a “break” during our service. That means you all who like to show up late are going to need to get moving a little earlier than normal!
  • Since we are not doing a “break,” we will be asking that all Kids and Students, upon entering our building, immediately go through our check-in process and be taken to their classes. For our Sunday 9 am service, kids can be checked in and dropped off starting at 8:50 am, and for our 10:45 am service, starting at 10:35 am. (We will share more Kids/Students instructions early next week.)
  • We will have a live feed of our service playing in The Cup and all the rooms in our H-Hall. If you want to be here but do not want to enter the Big Room, then feel free to make yourself comfortable in one of our H-Hall classrooms or The Cup.

Our Kids and Student programs will be offered during our Sunday 9 am and 10:45 am services. Early next week our NextGen team will be sending out a letter and a video with some of the precautions we are taking for our Kids and Students.

Please keep praying, and if you have any questions let us know.