Dancing In The Storm

Nick MartineauBlog

What a year we just had! I could rattle off a list of all the strange, confusing, and challenging things we all have lived through in the past year, but since we all collectively experienced them, a list seems unnecessary. It’s just safe to say that 2020 was a year like no other!  

Yet, through the challenges of 2020, we have also experienced much beauty, fun, sweet memories, and things to be grateful for! Personally, I’ve been blown away by how our church family has rallied together during these days. We’ve cared for one another, given generously, shown great grace in our differences, and grown closer to Jesus through it all!

Somebody once said, “While you are surviving the storms, don’t forget to dance in the rain.” I like that. Storms are tough as you batten down the hatches and try to keep everything unsecured from being blown away. But storms are not unusual and should be expected.

Growing up in Kansas City, I remember long nights in our basement waiting out a tornado warning. The wind would be screaming outside, the local radio station giving our family updates, and we’d play games late into the night. Eventually, I’d fall asleep as the storm howled on by, and then wake up as my dad carried me back upstairs to bed after the storm subsided.

In a recent Bible study, the teacher pointed out, “Few nations in history enjoyed celebrating more than the nation of Israel. They had frequent feasts and festivals to bring people together, experience the beauty of Jerusalem, and connect with one another in fellowship.” The coming together in celebration is especially significant when you consider the suffering, pain, humiliation, and holocausts the Jews have experienced for thousands of years. The Jews did what I want to do — dance even when it storms.

Thank you for taking the time, making the effort, giving generously, and showing grace to each other during this past stormy year. It has allowed us to continue being a church family to one another and to our surrounding community.

Let’s continue to do it! No one is more blessed than we. Keep loving your family and friends and neighbors. Keep loving each other. Keep loving those who think they are unlovable. Keep being a light in a dark world! I am grateful to be a part of this church family, and I look forward to this coming year where we can be assured of more opportunities to keep dancing in the rain!