Resources for Discipleship Relationships

6 Hallmarks of Discipleship Relationships

What does a Jesus-like discipleship relationship look like? See below a list of 6 qualities of authentic discipleship relationships we are seeking to develop in our Body.

  1. Ask for help. Part of being a disciple is understanding that you need help - help dealing with our sin, help from our nearsightednes, help that comes from someone more experienced and farther along in their own Jesus journey pointing you to the one that can give help - that’s Jesus.
  2. Fully known. An important part of any discipleship relationship is being known. This can be a difficult step for many, but the idea of being vulnerable with another person, being transparent, and living in the light is a key part of being fully accepted. That is a part of any healthy relationship.
  3. Fully loved. Along with being fully known, there is great healing that comes with being fully loved. Jesus, in talking with the Samaritan woman, knew her fully and yet that didn’t scare her away from Jesus. That’s because she also knew and felt that she was unconditionally loved. In our discipleship relationships, it is important to do the same.
  4. Learn His voice. As we walk with another person in a discipleship relationship, we want to help people discard the negative and defeating voices of the world and instead lean in and hear the loving voice of the Heavenly Father. Using the Scriptures, using our own life stories…even walking with people through their challenges can really help people as they learn to discern the voice of the Heavenly Father.
  5. Trust. It’s not just learning to discern the voice of the Father that we desire for one another but we want to trust that voice. Trust that He is good, trust that He is leading us towards what is best, trust that what He asks of us, even when it is contrary to the world, or even when it might not make sense, is best for us.
  6. Completely surrender. In our discipleship relationships, we are trying to help people completely surrender to the Father. This is where hope, peace, purpose and growth take place - when we surrender to Jesus.
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