Don’t Touch My Stuff!

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Don’t Touch My Stuff!

One of my friends tells the story of one spring when his daughter Sophia was about three or four years old. Hoping to get rid of some clutter and sell some of the abundance of “stuff” they had accumulated over the years, they had a garage sale on their driveway.

As people arrived and began to look through all the treasures, Sophia grew visibly concerned. She watched carefully as strangers sifted through their household items, toys, and clothes. After a while, Sophia realized that these people were not just looking around– they were taking things home!

Sophia quickly decided to take action, and before they realized it, she had picked up a pool noodle, started running from person to person, and began hitting them! When my friend finally saw what his daughter was doing, he ran to her and said, “Sophia! What is going on? Why are you hitting these people?”

“Because,” she said, “they are taking all our stuff!”

Can you relate?

James 4:14 says that our life here on earth is like a mist that quickly vanishes. We are here for a brief moment, and then we are gone.

None of us is promised tomorrow. In fact, every breath we breathe is a gift from God that is not owed to us. Since we only have a short time here, we are called to live every moment for the mission, purpose, and glory of God. The danger for us is to live for, focus on, and invest in what is temporary instead of what is eternal.

Our hearts cling too tightly to things of this world, and we often end up running around trying to accumulate and protect temporary stuff that could all be gone tomorrow. We need the grace of our Father to open our eyes and help us see His eternal perspective.

Oh Father, I confess that my heart is so quick to cling to things that have no eternal value or significance. Help me view my life through the lens of eternity and live every moment in light of that perspective.


As our church family enters into our Raising More Hope building campaign, I hope you would join me in asking the Father to give us grace, open our eyes, and help us see His eternal perspective.