The Finnish Fling

Nick MartineauBlog

I grew up in Kansas City and one of my favorite things to do every summer was to go to Worlds of Fun. Worlds of Fun is an amusement park with rides for as far as you can see. It’s so big it’s impossible to ride every ride in one day.

When going to Worlds of Fun with my friends, we would plan our course of action to make sure we got in as many rides as we could. Yet, there was one ride my friends just loved to go on that I dreaded. The ride was called “The Finnish Fling.” Worlds of Fun describes the ride as, “A high speed circular ride in which guests stand against the interior wall of a circular drum. As the ride spins rapidly, the floor drops slowly and guests are held in by centrifugal force.”

I can remember walking into the small circular room, standing with my back against the wall, and then the little room starts to spin…and spin faster…and faster! Eventually centrifugal force takes over, and I would find myself helplessly pinned against the wall. Then, without any warning…. the floor drops out from beneath you.

Ever been there? Ever felt like life is spinning and you’re out of control? Or maybe life is moving so fast everything is a blur? While you might not hop on “The Finnish Fling,” I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you can relate.

I have a friend going through a particularly busy season of life recently ask me if “life is moving too fast?” I’m not sure I believe there’s a “right” speed in which we get to experience life. Some seasons of life move fast, some seasons are slow. Yet, how do we move through a fast paced/spinning life without getting dizzy and blurry eyed?

Whenever I rode “The Finnish Fling,” there would always be a few crazy people that defied, what I believed, to be the laws of gravity. While the rest of us were pinned to the wall of this spinning room, there was always a few brave souls that would maneuver their bodies into crazy positions. Some would position themselves upside down or sideways. I always marveled at how they could keep their head from spinning and enjoy the ride.

There are some seasons of life that move fast and some seasons are slow. None of us want the fast season of life to be a blur. It is good to remember that the ride will eventually stop. Yes, we might fall down or stumble as we exit the ride, but ultimately, there is joy in the ride as long as we recognize Jesus is right there with us.

And, even as you return to your more normal rhythms, you just might find a smile or two as you remember the thrill of the ride.

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11