Gathering in Secret

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Imagine that you risked your life every time you opened your Bible.

Imagine facing imprisonment or worse for attending your small group.

Imagine whispering songs of worship instead of singing aloud for fear of being heard by a government hostile to your faith practices.

All these scenarios are realities for many Christians around the world. These believers, oftentimes referred to as the persecuted church, cannot freely gather together in Jesus’ name.  I have difficulty wrapping my mind around these injustices as I look out my window on a sunny, peaceful day here in Kansas. Yes, we all have discouraging and difficult days, but these hardships many of our brothers and sisters in Christ face are much graver.

I would like to invite you into an evening that will help shed light on the underground, persecuted church as well as provide rich teaching from God’s Word. This event is called Secret Church and is an annual gathering led by author/pastor David Platt that is simulcast to churches (including Hope!) all over the world. Platt wrote the popular Christian book Radical and is an excellent teacher. The theme of this year’s simulcast is Prayer, Fasting and the Pursuit of God. As a church body we will be learning a lot about these topics while also discovering more about the persecuted church.

Though the event is designed to simulate how a persecuted church might gather in secret, meeting for six hours late into the night, we invite you to participate even if it’s for only an hour or two. Anyone is welcome to attend this FREE evening, but we do ask that you sign up using the link below or in the Middle Lobby at Hope.

The details:

  • 5:45pm-midnight Friday April 26th in the Student Center
  • Pizza, snacks, water (and coffee… caffeine!) will be provided.
  • There are a limited number of Secret Church workbooks available, so make sure you sign-up to reserve yours.

To sign-up:

To learn more about Secret Church:

We hope to learn and grow with you at this event. Invite your friends or anyone you think would benefit from this!


Mark Hershey

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”    (Matthew 5:11)