God’s Plans Are Better

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God’s Plans Are Better

For months and months, we have worked together on the Raising More Hope People Campaign. At the writing of this letter our church family has, through money given, plus a conservative estimate of any property/vehicles that have been donated, plus the pledges received, we have brought in $2,467,878. Yay! God! And thank you Jesus!

After initially hearing our total, I was trying to process what it means that we fell short of our goal. But it didn’t take long for me to be filled with gratefulness for the sacrifices that we all made and to get excited to see how God’s plan will play out in all of this.

Big Ideas

As I starting thinking through it all, I realized that the reality is that we, as a church family, did amazing! We have raised/committed a lot of money. I do not know any of the details regarding who and what was pledged, but Angie has been telling me that she has never seen anything like what has happened during this campaign. We had really high participation from our youngers and our olders. We had really significant sacrifices from you all and we had a high number of new people giving for the first time ever. All really amazing things! We also brought in over $1 million more than we ever have as a church. That is unbelievable! I’m really encouraged and grateful for how you all have sacrificed.

As the week has gone on, I’ve gotten more excited. As we have gone through this process, we never created any alternative plans. Yet, after seeing our pledge number, a few Hopesters got to work this past week to see what options we have on the table. I would say that Hopesters are truly at their best when we have to get creative.

This past week we’ve been talking with the timber-frame company, we have been looking at construction costs, and I’ve been very encouraged with some of the options that have been shown to us so far.

Our Leadership Team also met this past week, and we all agreed that we are not going to do anything crazy just to get this project done… yet we really believe that with a few alterations, we will be able to figure out a way to take care of our kids’ issue, to care for our special needs friends, and to create some good space for our growth.

I ask that you all be patient with us. Give us a few weeks as we put some things together and as Leadership Team works to make a wise decision. As soon as we finalize our new plans we will share them with you. Please keep praying and please know it is not too late to turn in a pledge card.

Please know we desire to be fully transparent…If you have questions or things you want to discuss, please feel free to reach out (nmartineau@hopecc.net).

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.  Prov. 16:3