“I’ve Had Enough”

Mark HersheyBlog

I spoke these words to my brother-in-law last weekend on a hiking excursion in Colorado. We had just fed our appetite for adventure by hiking Mt. Elbert, which included a 5AM start followed by a beautiful sunrise. And now we were feeding our appetites at a tasty pizza place for lunch in Leadville. Upon eating my *th piece of pizza (the number really isn’t important!) I leaned back and said, “I’ve had enough!” If I kept indulging myself, there would be unfortunate side effects, so I recognized that I needed to be done.

Besides food, when it comes to consumption, it is helpful for us to know when we’ve had enough. We consume all sorts of things: information, news, digital content in its various forms, physical goods, and more. There are levels of engagement with these things that are helpful and necessary, but overconsumption can be harmful. For instance, we should be aware of injustice throughout the world, be well-informed of how and why sickness spreads and know how we can best pray for the lost and hurting around us. But we must know there are unending quantities of information, news, and stories which can become overwhelming for our brains to process. Even limiting our consumption to certain hours of the day can be a helpful step.

Besides the quantities of news or social media, please consider the qualities of such things. Do they value your walk with Jesus? Do they align with God’s heart? In what directions are they trying to shepherd you? We need help make the following part of our consumption habits: “Whatever is true, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8) Are you feeding your soul things that are true, admirable and excellent? Have you underfed your soul the very things that are designed to nourish it?

This Fall, we desire for your soul to yield the fruits of the Spirit. We want to teach you spiritual practices that can help posture yourself before God and form healthy patterns of consumption for you. Every other Tuesday we will share teachings and thoughts on various spiritual disciplines: prayer, fasting, quiet, thanksgiving, Bible study, Sabbath rest, and others. On the other weeks, we will share personal testimonies that will hopefully encourage you as you see the work the Lord has done in each of our lives.

We desire to lead you into things that are good and nourishing for your soul. We are praying for you and your family. We love you!


Pastor Mark