Life Stages

Many singles are called to marriage. It’s a natural drive for filling our need for companionship. How intentional are you being in preparation for a future marriage?

Finding A Mate

God intends every marriage to reflect His love and faithfulness. How are you being intentional about creating a life-long, thriving relationship?

Difficult Marriage
Annual Date Night Plan
Discovering Needs
Intentional Couples

God calls parents and grandparents to inspire and nurture strong faith in the next generation. How are you being intentional about spiritual formation at home?

Kids@Home – Bedtime Blessing
Kids@Home – Impression Points
Teens@Home – Age of Ultron
Teens@Home – Open Dialogue
Influencing Grandchildren

Not everything in life fits neatly into categories. Discover encouragement in some of life’s other stages.

Special Needs
Aging Loved One
Family Finances

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