Looking From the Inside Out

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Looking From the Inside Out

I’ve been on staff at Hope for six months now and think this is a great time to share what I’ve learned having this view from the inside out. We have the world’s greatest staff and an amazing body of caring, loving Hopesters.

World’s Greatest Staff

I am amazed at the love, care and thoughtfulness our staff puts into each week here at Hope. I realize — after seeing the inner workings of the church — how hard our staff works to put on the programming and make this place comfortable. It was easy for me to just show up on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night, taking for granted the level of effort necessary for me to simply walk in and be fed.

I took for granted a parking lot and sidewalks that were free of snow and ice and safe to walk on. I took for granted every time I waved my hand under the soap dispenser in the men’s room and actually received soap. I took for granted the fact this place is clean each week and the chairs are all set straight. Remember when we had to take them down after each service?

I took for granted the thought, prayer and love that goes into our kids programming each week, the fact that each lesson in the kids’ hall has a unique craft or activity. I took for granted how complex it is to arrange off-site events like The Rush or The Big Chill.

I took for granted the amount of research, planning and study involved in each week’s message. I took for granted the effort and prayer necessary to coordinate that message to our worship time. I took for granted the time and energy spent each week coordinating and cultivating volunteers.

I also took for granted the love our staff has for Hopesters and their families. They are willing to drop anything to go spend time with a Hopester who might be struggling spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. Jesus always has been and will always be number 1, but I can say with confidence, our staff sees Hopesters as a close second.

We are truly blessed to have the world’s greatest staff (present company excluded) here at Hope. Please don’t ever take that for granted. As our Grand Poobah always says, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”


Of course, none of the above would be possible without our amazing body of Hopesters. The volunteer effort required each weekend is amazing, from greeters to teachers to tech resources and worship teams. It truly takes a village. And that’s just for the scheduled programming. It doesn’t take into account the resources needed to love and care for a family who’s unexpectedly lost a loved one.

Before coming on staff, I always knew Hopesters looked out for each other and were willing to help when there was a need. However, I didn’t truly understand how closely Hopesters lived out Acts 2:42-47.

Selling or donating their possessions to benefit others as they have need. Daily breaking bread with each other and devoting themselves to God’s Word. Hopesters are truly living out Jesus’ love to each other and to our community in a way I never realized before.

I’ve had a front row seat to witness the amazing generosity of our body. I’ve seen Hopesters donate vehicles to each other and write checks to help pay for benevolence needs. I’ve seen Hopesters give generously of their time and talents to love those in our body who have fallen on hard times. I’ve seen Hopesters go all-in to support a people campaign. I’ve also felt the love of Hopesters for our staff, for which I couldn’t be more grateful.

Before coming on staff, I was proud to call myself a Hopester. That pride has reached a new level I never thought possible. Thanks for all you do for our church each week.

Grace and Peace,