Lord, Teach Me

Nick MartineauBlog

“Lord, teach me to ____________.”

If you could ask Jesus to teach you just one thing, what would you ask him to teach you?

It was recently pointed out to me that the only thing the first disciples of Jesus are recorded to have asked Jesus to teach them is, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). There is no record of anyone asking Jesus to teach them to lead or to counsel, or to heal, or to cast out demons, or to preach, to learn carpentry skills, to fish, to walk on water, etc.  They may have asked him, but there is no record of them doing so.  I wonder why?  I think maybe it is because they could see that Jesus’ leading, counseling, healing, casting out, and preaching emerged out of his relationship with his Father. And they could see that the key to that relationship was prayer. Jesus, after all, was always slipping away to pray (Luke 5:16).

“Lord, teach us to pray.” My guess is the disciples were requesting more than just some new spiritual techniques that would help them stay awake when they prayed and make them feel like their prayers mattered. I’m guessing their request in wanting to learn how to pray had more to do with relating to the one that Jesus calls Father in a real and personal way…the way they witnessed Jesus connect with the Father. 

As you may already know, Jesus answers his disciples request by teaching them the Lord’s Prayer. It’s not a magical prayer that we must recite word for word, but we are wise to pay close attention because, after all, it is Jesus’ response to the disciple’s desire to learn of prayer.

I don’t have the same word for word conversation every time I talk with my wife. Instead, I try to understand what is important to her and try to connect with her. And I think the Lord’s Prayer is Jesus teaching us how we can connect with his Father and what is most important to his Father.

“Lord teach me to ____________.”  What is it you are asking Jesus to teach you?

I have much to learn on prayer so I am currently asking Jesus to teach me to pray.