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Middle School at Hope Community Church
Haywire is a great place to make long lasting relationships with others.
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Summer Camp June 2018

Our spots for camp have been filled! We are excited to leave for CIY MIX at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks June 3-7.

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haywire weekly schedule

sundays 9am

HAYWIRE Sundays is your opportunity to begin making some relational connections with others through our Small Groups. You’ll have a chance to hang out with kids your age, sing along to some great music, have fun competing against other Small Groups for prizes, and learn a lot about how to make a connection between God, the Bible, and your real life! Come get to know some other middle school kids and learn to live your life with purpose.

wednesdays 6:30pm

At HAYWIRE Wednesdays you’ll be able to come and enjoy a variety of ways to express yourself through games and discussions, as well as learning about the life of Jesus. We meet in the Student Center just inside the middle entrance. We aren’t just sitting around, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friends. We just wrapped up an awesome school year. Our 2017-2018 season begins August 30!

the big chill – march 8-10, 2019

We have designed a retreat specifically for middle school students. We get what makes them tick:

Food. Fun. Friends.

There will be a ton of fun stuff to do with your friends including Zombie Apocalypse, Gaga Ball (Youtube it), a Talent Show where we’ll give-a-way over $50 of prizes, and an Abnormal Formal (think Thrift Store clothes, a DJ, and Rave rolled into a two hour extravaganza). We’ll have plenty of food to eat at meals, late at night, and during the day. The cabins are also warm, toasty, and have their own private showers.

Middle school life can be brutal sometimes. We’ll help you shuffle through the drama and give you some great sound advice to help you for life back home too.

$85.00 covers food, lodging, transportation, proper adult supervision, and a souvenir.

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Pastor of Haywire Ministry:
Shane Friesen

Shane, who has been working with students at Hope since 1995, has long had a passion to see young people begin to make an impact on their world and culture. He likes to help kids cultivate their gifts, engage the culture, and leave some Jesus behind because of the way they lived their lives. Having 5 kids of his own, Shane also has a passion for seeing families become the primary discipling influence of their own children. He enjoys helping equip adults on how to raise kids who love Jesus in a culture that is constantly changing. You’ll also find him tinkering with the our App, this website, and Hope’s Hope@Home ministry which helps equip our homes to become the primary place discipleship takes place.