Middle School at Hope
Haywire is a great place to make long lasting relationships with others.
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Parent Updates
We send out a weekly email to help parents stay in the know and win in 3 areas:

  1. What we are learning at our weekend service together.
  2. Upcoming calendar items.
  3. Helpful parenting tips to help you navigate life with a middle schooler.

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haywire weekly schedule

sundays 9:00am

HAYWIRE Sundays is your opportunity to begin making some relational connections with others through our Small Groups. You’ll have a chance to hang out with kids your age, sing along to some great music, have fun competing against other Small Groups for prizes, and learn a lot about how to make a connection between God, the Bible, and your real life! Come get to know some other middle school kids and learn to live your life with purpose.

wednesdays 6:30pm

At HAYWIRE Wednesdays you’ll be able to come and enjoy a variety of ways to express yourself through games and discussions, as well as learning about the life of Jesus. We meet in the Student Center just inside the middle entrance. We aren’t just sitting around, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friends.

Summer Camp June 2018

What an amazing weekend at camp this summer with Christ In Youth’s MIX camp at Lake of the Ozarks. Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

  • The music was amazing! It was like being at a concert but we got to worship Jesus instead of someone on a stage.
  • The messages were challenging! Learning live in the light is hard, but good. God doesn’t just want me to live for Him on Sunday, but with my whole life.
  • The lake was so refreshing! We took turns riding boats a couple of different days. It was so awesome to be on the water, go tubing, and feel the wind as we sped down the water! The trip to Ha Ha Tonka and the cold spring water was pretty crazy too. Brrr!
  • Decisions were made! God worked in moved in us in many different ways. A few in our group asked Jesus into their lives. Yay God!!! Many others have discovered ways to be Kingdom Workers and live for Jesus in practical every day ways.

the big chill – march 8-10, 2019

We have designed a retreat specifically for middle school students. Why? Because we get what makes them tick: Food. Fun. Friends.

We serve the best food you’ll ever have away from home (shhh… don’t tell your parents, but it’s even better than home). None of our food is frozen and warmed up. It’s freshly made and served home-style. Sooooo good!

There will be a ton of fun stuff to do with your friends as well. We love playing Nine Square in-the-air and have a pretty serious Gaga Ball tournament during our free time and our game master always has a ton of stuff to play morning, noon, and night as well. BUT, by far the students favorite, is our Zombie Apocalypse! It’s a lot like a scavenger hunt and an escape room across the entire retreat center… in the dark. There is nothing else like it around here.

On Saturday night we host what we call an talent show/dance where we’ll give-a-way over $50 of prizes. If you have a cool talent you’d like to share and have a chance to win some cash prizes just send an email to us and we’ll put you in the contest. The dance part isn’t like a typical school dance. We call it The Abnormal Formal. It’s a mashup of wearing thrift store clothes, group dances (like ChaCha slide), Karaoke, and laughing till your side hurts.

The sleeping arrangements are like any typical camp. We are in cabins that sleep about 10 people each (8 students 2 leaders). The cabins are also warm, toasty, and have their own private showers.

At the retreat our theme will be FREEDOM. When you’re a teenager, the concept of freedom is pretty appealing. Whether “freedom” means getting your driver’s license, staying up late, bending the rules, or hanging out with friends unsupervised, every teenager wants to feel free. Jesus is a big fan of freedom too — but a different kind of freedom than what the world offers. With Jesus, we find freedom from our sin, pain, selfishness, fear, and everything else that holds us captive. At our retreat we’ll help students see that, if they want to live free, they need to identify their captors, live a life of worship, stay even when it’s dark, and share their freedom.

$75.00 covers everything we described above… food, lodging, transportation, proper adult supervision, and a few extra surprises not mentioned here. This is actually a DECREASE from last year thanks to the generosity of many Hopesters! THANK YOU!!!

Check out the video above to watch some of the highlights from our 2018 Big Chill.

Hope@Home and Student Pastor
Shane Friesen

Shane, who has been working with students at Hope since 1995, has long had a passion to see young people begin to make an impact on their world and culture. He likes to help kids cultivate their gifts, engage the culture, and leave some Jesus behind because of the way they lived their lives. Having 5 kids of his own, Shane also has a passion for seeing families become the primary discipling influence of their own children. He enjoys helping equip adults on how to raise kids who love Jesus in a culture that is constantly changing. You’ll also find him tinkering with the our App, this website, and Hope’s Hope@Home ministry which helps equip our homes to become the primary place discipleship takes place.