My Biggest Fan

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My Biggest Fan

In the church world, we often use illustrations, stories, and analogies to help us grasp Biblical lessons. One common analogy I learned as I grew up in the church was that we are to the Father as a child is to their parents.  The lessons, teachings, and even punishments are all in place for a child’s good, and similarly, so it is in our relationship with God the Father.

Sometimes I have to wonder though, should we more often see God in the way we see children?

Lauren and I don’t have the privilege of being parents quite yet, but we hope to be someday!

We do, however, play the role of uncle and aunt to 11 nieces and nephews! Being an uncle gives me that little taste of fun and playfulness when my nephews want to wrestle, and then they can be returned whenever Uncle Ben gets “too tired”. It’s a cop out, I know, but I’ll take advantage of it while it lasts!

Anyway, I have a niece in particular that gives me great joy. It’s not that I play favorites, but you would understand if you saw the way that she looks at me. Caitlyn is my biggest fan.

Almost every morning on her way to Bullfrogs and Butterflies Preschool, she’ll stick her head into my office and give me the warmest smile, the cutest giggle, followed by the biggest hug. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had a difficult morning or a long week.  Whatever the case, her smile turns the corner and my heart forgets whatever it is that has been stressing me out.

I have to wonder if God created children with the hearts they have so that we could be reminded of how He loves us. That when he sees us, a smile covers His face and joy fills His heart.

Our Father sees you in that way. He is your biggest fan. Whatever mistakes or successes you have written into your story, He’s your biggest fan.

In this world of performance based morality, I think we can forget that we have someone in our corner who will rejoice with us and deem us the winner even in the midst of great loss. One who will never deny you the joy He has for you.

I hope that wherever you find yourself, you know who your biggest fan is: our Heavenly Father, who desires to see you every morning, to wrap you in His love, and remind you that you are His.

What a beautiful picture of our Father’s love, in the smile and laughter of a child. I hope this finds you well and you are reminded of how our Father loves you.

Ben Griffis