My First Day of Kindergarten

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My First Day of Kindergarten

Like in many other families, our kids started school this week. There were some back-to-school nerves in our home; we started making lunches again, laying out clothes, and carving out time to do homework. I always like back-to-school time. It’s the beginning of doing something new and of seeing friends again, and there’s a good energy and rhythm that comes with the school year.

School starting back up reminded me of my first day of kindergarten. It’s a moment I try to forget.

I don’t really remember the day myself, but my parents have replayed for me its drama many times. I was living in Memphis, Tennessee, with my parents and older brother. I was used to getting a lot of attention.

My parents share that I was amped up for kindergarten–ready to make new friends–and when they picked me up from school that first day, they were shocked to hear about my behavior. The teacher pulled them aside and told them that when class began, I saw a bug crawling on the ground, got the class’s attention, smooshed the bug with my shoe, and ate it! I made quite the scene, apparently. I have no idea what was going through my kindergarten brain: I had never done that before and have never done that since.

My only explanation is that school was such a big change for me, and I was so nervous and wanted attention so badly, that I overreacted and did something absurd. I got the attention I was looking for, but I learned not all attention is good attention.

Things settled down after that first day of kindergarten. I didn’t eat anymore bugs, I got more comfortable with the school setting and rhythm, and I slowly started to make friends, grow, learn, and thrive.

Sometimes we need time, space, grace, and patience as we settle into a major life change.

Here at Hope, we are almost five months into our Senior Pastor transition. I would say that things are going well enough that I haven’t had to smoosh a bug on stage to get everyone’s attention. (Yet.) I do know that change is not always easy, and yet I’ve been amazed at how our church family has been walking through and embracing this major change, together.

I want to express gratefulness to you all. You have been encouraging, grace-filled, patient, and loving to me during these months. There is still much to learn, and I’m still trying to settle into the rhythm of this new role, but I’m continually grateful that I get to do it here at Hope.

Thank you for the time, space, grace, patience, and support you all have shown during this time!