Our Last Name

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Our Last Name

When I was growing up, and to be honest still to this day, my dad would say to me, “Remember, you’re a Martineau.” My dad was trying to help me connect my actions to our family history and legacy, and to consider the fact that I wasn’t just representing myself.  In other words, I’m a Martineau, and I should try to honor the name with my behavior and actions.

Here at Hope we have a last name, too. What’s our last name? Hope…Community…Church.

While the Founding Families consciously pondered what our first and middle names should be, I don’t think thirty years ago there was much debate as to what our last name would be. Hope Community Bowling Alley was never on the table.

Our name is Hope Community Church, and our last name connects us with a greater family of believers. Our last name means something, and I really think there should be this calling for us to show honor to our name. I would hope all churches feel the same way.

When the early church was formed in the book of Acts, the disciple Peter gave us a description of how they lived life together. Peter said, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42

They were devoted…they were committed…it was an everyday lifestyle kind of thing. That word “devoted” is key in all of this.

One of the most amazing things about our church is that all of our Founding Families, and our Founding Pastor’s family, are still here, and they are still devoted to Jesus and to our church. Think about that… that was thirty years ago. These families have worked through a lot of personal, difficult, hard things together. They have made lots of sacrifices for our church family. They have modeled for us a life devoted to the church. At the foundation of who we are as a church, we have these Founding Families who have long-lasting, Jesus-centered relationships. They are devoted.

When we look at Peter’s words about the early church, and when we see the actions of our Founding Families here at Hope, we see that Church is something more than just an hour-long service once a week.

This coming weekend we will be finishing our three-week series by looking at the meaning and significance of our last name…Church. I hope you will plan on joining us.