Parenting Small Group




Being a part of a small group is a large piece of what makes your home stronger. Small groups are one of the key places our faith grows. Because life change is best sustained in community. It is where we not only learn about God, but we are encouraged to put faith into practice. The goal in each of our small groups isn’t to change your kids to make you feel like a better parent. Our goal is to help you change so you can become the parent God wants you to be.

This year we’ll be hosting small groups during the fall and again in the winter. Here’s a little preview of what coming:

Want your kids to listen the first time? Tired of power struggles over homework, video games, and bedtime? Want to finally stop the sibling fights, yelling, and backtalk?
We’ll dive into a 4 week series called Celebrate Calm with Kirk Martin and his son Casey to learn 40 specific and practical strategies to help even the most strong-willed toddlers, tweens, and teens be respectful and responsible… without crushing their spirits. You’ll walk away free of guilt, shame, and judgment.
We are still trying to nail down a date for this small group to start but it’ll be sometime after Spring Break. Stay turned!
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