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God designed marriage to be an intensely intimate relationship between a husband and wife. Sadly, too many of us instead feel our marriages are more like battlegrounds or—equally bad—barren deserts. Often, we’re missing out on a cherished marriage because we’re focused on the wrong things-selfish and destructive things like fighting for control, keeping score, and hiding our true selves. How do we achieve the beautiful oneness that God intended for our marriages? In this 4-part series, Pete Briscoe teaches that there is a way to move our marriages beyond ordinary to extraordinary. But it requires transparency to our spouse and the willingness to look beyond ourselves to the only source of true Life.

Join other couples at Hope for this 4-week class

Who is it for?

For dating, engaged, or married couples. It doesn’t matter if your marriage is doing well or not so well.

When do we begin?

Sunday January 20. There is one class in room H5 at 11:00am and will meet 4 straight weeks.

Why should I join?

Real life change happens in circles and not rows. Being in a small group is a game changer for you and your spouse.

How do I join?

Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no need to sign up.


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