Physical Distancing

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Just yesterday a Hopester encouraged me to help change the narrative from “social distancing” to “physical distancing.” He shared, “As leaders of a business, a church, a hospital– or of any organization– we need to make sure people are connected and cared for. This will take great intentionality.” I agree. Staying connected during these coming days will be an important part in loving one another. 

Just a few months ago in one of our weekend services, I encouraged Hopesters to get up off our “blessed behinds” and to go love our neighbors! Well, it now seems we are being asked to find a couch and plant our “blessed behinds” down for a number of weeks. While we are being encouraged to be physically distant and stay at home, we need to remember there’s still plenty of ways we can be social and love our neighbors from the comfort of our home. 


We are currently being forced to get creative in how we reach out and stay connected to one another, but we Hopesters have always been at our best when forced to be creative! Making phone calls, logging into virtual hangouts, sending letters in the mail, and holding signs outside the windows of the elderly are just some of the ways I’ve already seen Hopesters reaching out to others and loving their neighbors. 


It’s time for every one of us to get creative! Instead of going to church, what are some new ways we can be the Church during this time of physical distancing? If you have any ideas, or have done something creative, please let me know. I want to hear about all the ways Hopesters are loving their neighbors during this time of physical distancing. Send me an email:


During this time please know we’ve created a number of ways you can stay connected with Hope:


-We will be starting Tuesday Teachings, where one of our pastors will share a teaching/devotional with you all. Look for these to be posted online and emailed out before each Tuesday evening.  


-Aaron will be leading Thursday night worship time live on Hope’s Facebook page. Follow our Facebook for more details:


-On Hope’s homepage, you will see buttons for Giving, Weekly Service Updates, how to Stay Connected, and how to Love Your Neighbor:


Know that I love you all and am daily praying for our church during this time of being physically distant.