Prayer & Preparation

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Prayer & Preparation

As a church, we are using these next few weeks to move toward our Raising More Hope Feb. 3rd Pledge Card weekend. It’s a big step of faith as together we try to raise the $5.8 million needed to fund our building needs. I am confident the Father is leading and inviting us into this. Yet, like many of you, I look at that $5.8 million number and get a little overwhelmed. I know it is going to take all of us playing our part and I’m praying for a few big gifts along the way as well.

Sometimes with building campaigns there can be a hovering guilt to give, and the weeks leading up to Pledge Card weekend can be all about money. Yet, at Hope, we have always tried to go about things differently. I am wanting to use this next month together to unashamedly present to you the need, to help us see that this truly is about people (this is a People campaign), and I’m wanting us to listen to the Father, follow His direction, and for all of us to grow closer to Jesus in the process.

In our services this past weekend, I asked our church family to enter into a time of prayer and preparation.  I would love for us all to personally set aside time to pray to the Father, asking Him for direction, listening to Him and obeying.   As I’ve been praying I’ve been following the encouragement from the following quote:

“When you pray, pray like you know for an absolute fact that the one to whom you’re praying can:

        #1 Do anything but wrong. 

        #2 Create something enormous out of utterly nothing.

        #3 Light up the universe with the sound of His voice.

        #4 Feed 5000 with 5 loaves & 2 fish from some unnamed little kid.”

        – Beth Moore

I’d also love for all of us to personally prepare ourselves for the Feb. 3rd pledge card commitment we are looking to make. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t want us blindly making plans and commitments without first weighing the costs, making arrangements, and wisely preparing ourselves.

There is wisdom in being prepared and my hope is you have already started, or are willing to start, preparing your hearts and your financial situation to make a Raising More Hope 3-year pledge. This is a pledge that is above and beyond your regular giving. If you have any questions you need to ask, or any conversations that need to take place, then now is the time.

Our call as Jesus followers is to love, pray, and sacrifice for others that don’t know Jesus. So, I hope you will join me in praying and preparing as we approach our Raising More Hope Feb. 3rd Pledge Card weekend.