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Dear Hopesters,

How’s your rhythm?

Like so many things in our lives about which we give too little thought good rhythm is vitally important. Such as: If you heart is not beating in rhythm, it can quickly create major health concerns. A song played out of rhythm can cause mental and dance distress. Disruption in our sleep rhythm can mess up a day and a life in a hurry. Rhythm is important in our eating habits and the changing seasons. Even for those runners and bicyclists out there, a lack of a sustained proper rhythm can be the cause of added fatigue, less miles, and slower times.

Being so much of our daily lives are dependent on proper rhythms, the loss of such things as a job, health, and close relationships can put us all out of whack and bring all sorts of negative consequences. Rhythm is also very important in our spiritual lives, for a lack of good rhythm and proper routines in our walk with Jesus can be very disruptive to our spiritual growth, joy, and well-being.

This is why it is important we work hard to establish and maintain good spiritual rhythms in such areas as prayer, studying and reflecting on God’s Word, service, quiet, worship, and being with other Followers of Jesus. For when our spiritual hearts are out-of-whack, our spiritual health suffers. When our spiritual cadence is off we too easily find ourselves too tired and unable to go the distance and fight the good fight.

Will some of you join with me as we pray and pursue together a season of new Jesus Rhythms? With Hope going through our Transition this year as I hand off my Senior Pastor responsibilities to Nick, let us pray for a wonderful new rhythm as a Body of Believers in being ever committed to Bringing People Closer to Jesus. A rhythm full of strength, joy, and the love of Jesus.

I am also realizing how I need to be praying and seeking new Jesus Rhythms in my own life. For almost 29 years, by God’s grace and strength, I have maintained a very deliberate underlying rhythm in how I spend my week and in the preparations I go through for teaching. But now, with joy and anticipation, I am seeking the Lord for a new rhythm as I enter a new chapter of my life in serving Him. I so desire a rhythm of joy, excitement, fruitfulness, satisfaction, and steadfastness in serving Jesus. A rhythm which He gives and conducts rather than relying on my own selfish desires and schemes.

How about you? Is it time for a new Jesus Rhythm? Is it time to join with me in praying
Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”? Is it time to replace many of our old and stale routines, asking Jesus what He now has mind for our lives?


PS — Please don’t forget this REALLY IS the last week to bring a piece of fabric approximately 6 inches by 6 inches which is representative of you and/or your family. The tubs will be collected on February 19!