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As I was stoking the fire on this cold morning, I found myself thinking about the winter season that is ahead of us. On multiple occasions this summer, I was caught longing for the day winter would arrive. No hot, sweaty days in the sun. No more blistering heat when mowing the lawn (Thank the Lord).

It almost sounded like a dream to me a couple months ago, but now that it’s here, I’m not so sure…

My wife and I have had a lot of “new” in our lives lately. A new baby girl who we love dearly, who brings along a new schedule and new conversations about our life and our future.

As we were talking about this stage that we’re in, about all the times we don’t want to end, and about these other times we are eager to be done with, I couldn’t help but think of something Pastor Nick said to me the other day, “You all are in a sweet season.”

I love that. We’re in a place where our little girl has opened our eyes and our hearts to something we have never experienced before. And yet I also have to think about those other seasons that don’t seem so sweet.

We’ve all been in them, and maybe you’re in one of them now. A time of hardship, pain, mourning, or loss. They seem dark and without hope.  Yet the same God is with us in the midst of them both. And God will use both for our good.

In the book of Esther, there’s a moment when Esther must make a decision about whether to confront the King about her heritage and her people in order to save them from complete annihilation, or to stay quiet. It will likely cost her the position as queen and probably of her life as well if she speaks. As she’s contemplating what to do, Mordecai reminds her that she may have come to power “for such a time as this”.

The season she was in seemed so dark and desolate. There seemed to be no glimmer of hope. And yet she is reminded that God may have her where she is at for a purpose. What a beautiful reminder.

I believe that the Heavenly Father loves us dearly, but that does not mean that we will always be in the sweet seasons.

Some seasons mean we must put in the hours, work harder, and sweat more in order to see our labor bear fruit. And in other seasons, we get to reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest.

Embracing this season of life,