Hello Hopesters!

We are living amidst difficult and trying times, but we believe there are also great opportunities within this “new normal” of life. As we all try to wrap our minds around all that is taking place in the world, we know that one of the important aspects to the Church is that we are the body of Christ. As individuals in the body, we are called to mourn when others in the body mourn and rejoice when others rejoice (1 Corinthians 12:12:26). What if our connection with others in the body went further than a passing “Hey! How’s it going?” on a Sunday morning to something deeper. We have an opportunity, though we will not be physically gathering together as the church for the foreseeable future, to get to know, lean upon, mourn and rejoice with each other in the coming weeks and months. We all need encouragement to daily keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. So how can we do this amidst the quarantines, physical distancing, and flattening the curve?

We want to offer you a number of different “spaces” that might fit your relational and spiritual needs. There are groups of Hopesters meeting together in small groups (following health regulations) to watch our Sunday services. There are groups of Hopesters meeting virtually to watch our Sunday services. There are virtual gatherings for prayer. And there are some Hopesters standing by that would love to talk with you over the phone and share prayer requests. These are some of the creative ways we are seeing Hopesters be the Body of Christ during these potentially lonely times. If any of these initiatives appeal to you and you would like to be a part of any of these groups, please fill out the form below.

Thank you,
Mark Hershey