The Call and God’s Timing

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The Call and God’s Timing

It’s been four years now that we have been here in Kansas.  Callie and I have told the Lord from the beginning that we would go wherever he called us to go.  Kansas was our biggest leap to date and the first real time the Lord has called us somewhere far away from everything we know.  It has been such a blessing for us to be here, in more ways than I could have imagined before we moved from Florida.  We have been overwhelmingly blessed with 2 more kids, lifelong friends, and freedom and authenticity in the ministry like I have seldom experienced.  Hope is a great place!  And you are all great people!  Just as he called us here 4 years ago we have felt for a year or so now that the Lord would be moving us on from here, at some point, to another place of ministry.  In this last year of waiting we have heard clearly from him that we would be moving to the Georgia area.  We have lots of family there and knew it was going to be a good move for us. So, we had the call and the place but we still did not know when all of this would happen.

Throughout the last several months of this process I have been talking with Pastor Nick about being called on from Hope at some point.  We have been openly talking through when that move would take place. In several different ways, the Lord has confirmed to us that now is the time for us to be moving on.  So, in late October or early November we will be stepping out in faith and moving in with some family in Georgia.

One of the ways the Lord confirmed for us that this was the right time to leave was through a scripture in Joshua 3:15-16.  In this part of scripture, the Israelites are about to cross the Jordan river and face off with Jericho.  They were about to step into the land the Lord promised to them.  The scripture reads, “15 Now the Jordan is at flood stage all during harvest. Yet as soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the water’s edge,16 the water from upstream stopped flowing. It piled up in a heap a great distance away….”  The specific part of this passage that jumped out at us was about the priests having to step into the Jordan before the river stopped flowing.  We started to feel like we were being asked to have faith just like the priests. We would have to step out into the water before the Lord parted them.  What this meant for us is that we were being asked to go before we had another ministry position to go to.  After a lot of prayer, we are confident that this is what the Lord is asking us to do.  As we take this step of faith, His promise to us is that, just like the priests in the above passage, he will eliminate every barrier in our path.  He would part the waters and we would cross into His promise and calling unhindered.

We will miss so many things about Hope and Kansas.  We have truly made some forever friends that we are really sad to say good bye to.  Our time here has been very special.  We came as a family of 3 and we are leaving as a family of 5!  We have learned and grown a lot in our time here.  We have been so blessed by you all!

As we take a step into the river of the unknown, we are confident that the Lord will prove Himself faithful.  We look forward to what He will teach us on this new part of our journey.  Our prayer is that the Lord will use our story to help inspire someone else in their walk with Him.  Don’t be afraid to leap if the Lord is calling you to.  If you are confident you have heard His voice and he has confirmed it through scripture and others then, just like we are doing…JUMP!

Again, we are so thankful for our four years here!  We will be praying for Hope as the Lord continues to bless and grow this amazing group of believers!

Ben and Callie Oliver