There Is A Lot Going On

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There Is A Lot Going On

Maybe you have noticed, but we’ve had a lot going on at Hope lately. Charlie Wells started as our new Executive Pastor, Ben and Callie are making a leap of faith and will soon be heading to Georgia, and we recently announced that we are exploring adding on to our facility to help us deal with the great growth we’ve been experiencing. That’s a lot of movement for our church!

A good friend recently reached out and asked me how I’m doing with all that is going on. I tried to answer him as honestly as I could. I told him that I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m at peace, I’m anxious, I’m having fun, and some days I’m just holding on…. Is it possible to be all of those things at once? I think so.

My friend then prayed for me, encouraged me, and also sent me the following quote which has served as a great reminder during this active season at our church:

Always remember that what endures after various movements come and go is the local church. At this stage in your life and ministry, do not worry too much about what is happening at the national level. Simply build the people to whom God has called you. Feed people the Word of God, pray for them, love them, convey the reality of God’s presence to them by word and deed. What is important at the end of the day is the Church—ordinary churches trying to live faithfully in a rapidly changing society. Ordinary churches pastored by ordinary people like you and me, knowing that we cannot do everything, but trying to do what we can and seeking God’s face for His presence and blessing so that His dear Son might be honored and His people strengthened.

– Don Carson & John Woodridge

The Father has called me to serve Hope Community Church during this active season. I’m thankful. I love this place and consider it a great honor to be a pastor here.

It’s important for me to share with you all that I believe in what Jesus is doing among us, I pray for you all daily, and I desire more than anything else that we would know the truth of Jesus’ love for us.

Our ordinary church with ordinary people is full of unique, diverse, gifted, powerful, and passionate Jesus followers. Jesus is very clearly working among us, in us, and through us. I find great peace and excitement knowing that Jesus is in the midst of all the different movement and growth going on among us.

In this current season, may we not be distracted, but instead, may we be drawn closer to each other and closer to Jesus.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6