Toilet Humor

Nick MartineauBlog

Our Father has boundless ways to teach us through our everyday lives.  If we are mindful, lessons abound that are practical and profound.  Not every message begins with a clap of thunder; sometimes they are communicated through the most common, human circumstances.

For example, have you ever gone a day without access to a toilet?

Earlier this week, I walked into the church and a big sign was posted on the front door and all the bathroom doors. The sign read that all toilets in the building were temporarily out of order. This was going to make for a very interesting day!

It turns out our sewage pump had burned out and flushing the toilets could cause damage and backup into the building.

(This seems like a good time for a toilet joke…Never mind, it’s too dirty.)

So, all of a sudden, our staff found ourselves at work all day with no access to a toilet. We all drank less coffee that morning and made a few very fast trips to the gas station up the road.

(What did one toilet say to the other toilet? You look flushed!)

It’s amazing how a day without toilets helps me appreciate toilets.

Toilets, as we know them, didn’t become popular until the mid 1800’s when Englishman Thomas Crapper (I promise that’s his real name) invented a successful line of flushable toilets. Ever since then, we have taken for granted the great ease and blessing that flushable toilets are to our lives.  Another reason we should be thankful is the fact that according to a 2013 study 60% of the world’s population does not have access to a flushable toilet.  We are flush with blessings!

Think about all the things in our daily life that we take for granted. Yes, this is a silly, simple blog post. But, sometimes we need to go a day without toilets to really appreciate the many great gifts the Heavenly Father has given us.

Next time you are sitting…or maybe standing…say a quick thanks to the Father for all His great gifts in your life.


PS: What do toilets and anniversaries have in common? Men always miss them!