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It is not every day you are given the opportunity to do something that will last for generations to come!

I remember when I was a kid my dad came home one day with a ten-gallon oak tree, laid down on its side, sticking out the back of our minivan. Not the typical way to transport a tree, but it worked for us.

My brother and I grabbed our shovels and started digging. I don’t really remember, but I suspect my dad did most the digging and planting. However, I do remember being pretty invested in that tree and feeling like I played a big part in getting that tree in the ground.

We covered the tree with mulch, staked it to the ground, and frequently checked to make sure it was getting enough water. Trees grow slowly, and I eventually got interested in other things and rarely thought about the tree. About five years later, we moved out of that house, leaving the oak tree still small and hoping to get established.

A few years ago I was up in Kansas City with my family, and we happened to be driving by my old house. As we were driving up my old street, the first thing we saw was this huge oak tree shading the entire front yard. I couldn’t believe that was the same tree we had planted when I was a kid. In my mind, that tree was still small and fragile, but now there stood a tree to be envied, a strong oak that stood taller than the surrounding houses.

I half expected the current home owners to come running out to greet us and thank us for planting this beautiful, shade-producing tree. But as we know, that’s not how it works with trees. We planted it and we cared for it, and they get to enjoy the benefits. Planting trees can be a thankless job, yet it’s a worthy job that provides beauty and benefits for generations to come.

This coming weekend you will be given the opportunity to plant a tree. It’s dirty work, you might not get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and someone might never run up to you thanking you for your effort. Yet, the tree you plant will provide lasting beauty and enjoyment for generations to come!

I hope you will join us this coming weekend, immediately following the 10:45 service. We will provide a quick pizza lunch, and then you can go drop a tree in our pre-dug holes, mulch it, stake it to the ground, and then enjoy watching it grow for years to come. Bring some work gloves and a shovel. And if you can bring a sledgehammer/post hole driver and 5-gallon bucket that would be helpful too; if not, no worries, just show up!

Hope to see you Sunday for our epic Tree Planting Party!


PS: And, in our coming weekend services, we will be revealing our new Hope ministry that will have “every day” implications as we disciple the generations to come. Hope you can join us!