What in the World Does God Want Me To Do?

Mark HersheyBlog

This past week I attended a funeral for a man who faithfully served the people of Wichita for many years. Doug Lockett organized, cooked and served a large weekly meal for anyone who was hungry. Families, singles, and those from the homeless community would eagerly gather at the Underground Café on Wednesday nights. Brother Doug would feed 100 people, sometimes even more than 200. He was an unsung hero and his unexpected death led me to think about so many others diligently serving in the kingdom of God.

For a few months I saw a group of Hopesters working at the church throughout the week, toiling away on various projects and tasks. Their countless hours of careful planning and behind-the-scenes work culminated in a week of awesome Vacation Bible School, serving over 400 kids from our church and community

This past weekend I was chatting with a Hopester who blesses people in his community with free lawn-care (Sign me up!), using his gifts and talents in that special way. He shared how the people he serves are a blessing to him as well.

And a few weeks ago, I visited someone in the hospital who was recovering from a heart issue. Her words to me as she was lying in a hospital bed were, “God’s not done with me yet! He obviously has more work for me to do!”

Wherever you find yourselves, whatever season of life you are in, and with whatever gifts and resources God has given to you… How can you serve in God’s kingdom? How can you participate in God’s instruction to love one another?

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. (1 Peter 4:10)

As I am surrounded by this awesome group of people at Hope who love Jesus and are serving one another, it encourages me to think and conspire how I can love and serve others as well. Hopefully this can be contagious. I encourage you to start small with those around you in this quest and to ask God to give you a compassionate heart and attentive eyes as you go throughout your day. Who needs God’s love? How can you reach out in service to them? What in the world would God want you to do?


Pastor Mark