What Questions Are You Asking?

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What Questions Are You Asking?

I like when my kids ask questions. Their questions demonstrate their desire to learn and grow. I have also learned that I don’t need to answer every question my kids ask. Sometimes, in an effort to teach, I respond to my kids questions with questions of my own. I have come to learn, if my kids are truly seeking answers, then they most assuredly will find what they are looking for.

I think it works the same with our Heavenly Father. We are told in Jeremiah 29:13-14a You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you.”

The process of seeking and asking questions is an important part of our faith journey. Hopester, Virginia Wilson recently sent me a series of questions that have helped her grow closer to Jesus, and she thought might help others as well. Enjoy the follow questions and may your seeking of answers draw you closer to Jesus.




Have you ever thought about how flowers in your garden need the light to grow, and how flower petals turn to the light? Have you ever wondered how each flower is uniquely created with so many colors, all different, yet alike in their need of light? Have you ever thought about the way your indoor plants turn always to the light, and you have to change their position for all sides to receive some light? Do you ever wonder where this light comes from, or how it came to be, or how the light separated day and night so we could work by day and rest by night?

The answer is here and now and always will be – the creative consciousness of God.

Have you ever watched a hummingbird and marveled at all it could do? And, that it inspired someone to invent the helicopter?

Do you ever think about slowing down our busy, fast-paced lives? Do you ever think something important is missing in your life? Do you take time to look around you? If so, what do you see?  Do you recognize the love, the beauty, and the people all over the world?

Do you take for granted the things invented to help us feel better, look better, do better? Hot showers, running water, toilets, etc. Do you ever wonder how people are gifted to create such things for us?

Do you ever wonder how parent birds know to mate, make a nest together, take turns sitting on eggs till they hatch and then push them out of the nest to fly on their own?

Do you wonder about God? Do you think about your life and eventual death? What do you really think about?  Do you understand the Bible? Do you read it? Do you know how loved you are, with all your faults? Do you give love to others and get it back even more?

What will you think about this letter?


Virginia Wilson