Why Hope?

Nick MartineauBlog

There are many great churches. So why are you at Hope?

That’s the question I’ve been pondering lately. Why are Liz and I a part of the body of believers at Hope Community Church? 

I think it’s good to re-ask ourselves this question every once in awhile and to thoughtfully and prayerfully answer it.

Liz and I came to Hope almost fourteen years ago because some friends invited us. At the time, we knew nothing about Hope other than we’d been told the Founding Pastor had a long goatee and the church really loved their coffee. I remember really enjoying that first Sunday. The music was different than we were used to, and the laid-back style was new to us, as we both came from a more traditional background. We loved that we could drink our coffee during the service, wear whatever we want, see Jesus front and center, and we felt the Spirit was present. 

We went back the next week, and we’ve continued ever since!

When I stop to think about why we continue going to Hope, there are a million reasons that come to mind. Here are just a few:

Hope is and has always been a place for the broken. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you wear; you are welcome at Hope. There are amazing stories of hope and healing in our church family, and that’s because the Heavenly Father has used Hope Community Church to represent Jesus with wide-open arms. Sinners are welcome here!

-Hopesters are genuine and have a deep love for each other and Jesus. When I look around at our body of ragamuffins, I see people with deep hearts ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear in the name of Jesus. It’s not rare to present a need and then be flooded with volunteers.

-Our leaders and founding families seek Jesus. Our leaders historically haven’t been afraid of failing and are always willing to ask the Father what new things we should be trying in order to engage the culture for Jesus. Our leaders have always said we are willing to do anything short of sin to share Jesus with others.

-We’re a growing, vibrant, multi-generational church. The Father has blessed us with experienced “olders” and energetic “youngers.”  That experience and energy partners together well to seek the Father’s direction for us.

Hope has become family to us, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this rag-tag group of Jesus followers! So, how about you? Why are you here? What do you value most about Hope Community Church? I’d love to hear your answer. Send me an email if you get a chance.