You Won’t Want to Miss This

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You Won’t Want to Miss This

For the past number of years, our church family has been in a sweet season. We have seen great growth within our Kids Hall, we had a smooth transition between Steve our Founding Pastor and myself, we are financially healthy, and we’ve been having fun and living with great unity. As Steve might say, “It doesn’t have to be this way!”

During this fun and fruitful season, the temptation for me has been to do… nothing different. It would be easy and comfortable to just stay where we are, doing what we’re doing and going where we’re going. But the Heavenly Father is making it clear that is not what He is wanting for us.

Our Leadership Team has spent more than a year praying, listening, researching, and discerning what direction the Heavenly Father is leading our church family. Last spring, I met with over seventy Hopesters, listening to their thoughts about our growing church and asking questions about where they believe the Lord is directing us. Shortly after, our church went through a summer of prayer, asking the Father to make His direction for us very clear. We have been patient and purposeful, and we have been seeking the Father throughout this entire process.

After all these steps, our Leadership Team is confident of our vision moving forward, and we are ready to share. Are you ready to hear it? Are you sitting down? Are you excited? Well…You’re going to have to attend one of our upcoming weekend services.

In this coming weekend’s service, I will be sharing the exciting, fun, challenging, and Jesus-driven next steps for our church family! You won’t want to miss this.

This weekend will also be our new worship pastor, Aaron Martin’s first weekend to lead us in worship, and we will have a fun stage change I think you’ll be interested in.

I hope you do what you can to make it to one of our services this coming weekend. You won’t want to miss this!