What Do You Need?


few weeks ago during Spring Break, Liz and I were in Dallas visiting my mother-in-law. Hanging on the wall of the guest room was a picture with the saying, “Everything that God requires, He provides…” … Read More

Blended and Blessed


Blended & Blessed™ is a FREE one-day live event and livestream for stepfamily couples, single parents, adoptive/foster families, dating couples with kids, and those who care about blended families. Join us at Hope on April … Read More

Chapter 2

Nick MartineauBlog

don’t know anyone that doesn’t like a good story. And this past week started Chapter 2 of the Hope Community Church story. Chapter 1 was filled with ups and downs, but mostly ups. In Chapter … Read More

A Unique Weekend

Nick MartineauBlog

hat a weekend! Liz and I just got our kiddos to sleep and we are now sitting down, catching our breath and pondering all that just took place. Lots of great memories, many encouraging conversations, … Read More

The Time Has Come

Steve WeldonBlog

uckle up your seatbelts and hold on to your hats! As the Senior Pastor of Hope Community Church, this is it, my last official weekly letter which now 29 years later is known as a … Read More

New Website Launched!


ur new website is launching March 27th, 2017. We are very excited for the possibilities of reaching more people for Christ with this new tool God has given us. We will be continuing to add … Read More


Steve WeldonBlog

ear Hopesters, March 21, 2017 Ahhh… it’s spring time in Kansas. The gale force winds are blowing, the pollen is scattering, the dust is flying, and the prairie fires are burning. By the way: “On … Read More