Beautiful People

Nick MartineauBlog

No matter one’s political affiliation, hopefully we can all agree that Inaugurations are spectacular events and speak to the uniqueness of our country. Whether the candidate I voted for wins or loses, I try to … Read More

Becoming A Good Tree

Joel YbarraBlog

These past two Sundays Nick shared with us his desire for every follower of Jesus to be discipling someone and to be discipled by someone. As we enter into these relationships, it’s good for us … Read More

Is Jesus Your King?

Nick MartineauBlog

How do we possibly talk about the current events going on in our nation? Is it even possible to have and maintain unity? Just broaching the subject feels like walking through a field filled with … Read More

Dancing In The Storm

Nick MartineauBlog

What a year we just had! I could rattle off a list of all the strange, confusing, and challenging things we all have lived through in the past year, but since we all collectively experienced … Read More

In The Waning Days of 2020

Mark HersheyBlog

“Only a few more days!! It was just a few more days until the end of the year 2020!” Those were my thoughts as I was being driven to urgent care this week. I had … Read More

The Smell Of Grace

Steve WeldonBlog

Several months ago, I received an email from a pastor and friend whom we support in Cuba. (Thank you Hope for bringing people closer to Jesus all around the world.) In his elementary English, he … Read More

Only One Thing Is Necessary

Nick MartineauBlog

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with “1” being a perfectly relaxed, almost-levitating state of serenity, and “10” being a human can of Red Bull), how “peaceful” would you say you feel at this … Read More

Connect The Dots

Nick MartineauBlog

I have a few random ponderings that kind of fit together and kind of don’t. I’ll share my thoughts and then let you all connect the dots. -I was recently listening to a Podcast where … Read More

How Do You Start Discipling?

Joel YbarraBlog, Discipleship

Are you in a discipleship relationship? A couple weeks ago, Pastor Nick challenged all Hopesters to enter into a discipleship relationship. Have you been praying for the Heavenly Father to make this clear for you? … Read More

A Thrill of Hope, A Weary World Rejoices

Mark HersheyBlog

One of the rhythms I enjoy at Hope is the celebration of the Advent season. The word “Advent” means “coming”. So, the Christmas Advent Season refers to “the coming of the Christ”. This special time … Read More