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Dear Hopesters, ’m not sure exactly how it happened, but Sharon and I, now on occasion, eat lunch at Sam’s Club. Maybe it’s because we’re getting older and don’t really care all that much if … Read More

The Jesus Nut

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Dear Hopesters, In response to one of my points (“The Jesus nut.”) from this past weekend in Acts 25, it reminded a Hopester of a personal experience he shared by way of an email. I … Read More


Steve WeldonBlog

  Dear Hopesters, How’s your rhythm? ike so many things in our lives about which we give too little thought good rhythm is vitally important. Such as: If you heart is not beating in rhythm, it … Read More

Let’s Jump!

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o you enjoy meetings? I don’t know many people that would say “yes.” However, I recently attended a meeting that was a great time of celebration, full of gratefulness, and had a hopeful look forward. … Read More