Delirious & Grateful

Steve WeldonBlog

It’s 4:09 am on Thursday as I’m sitting in the back of the Ride 4 Refugees chase vehicle waiting to take my 2-hour segment of riding. I’m a mixture of being somewhat delirious and exceedingly grateful.

Delirious due to being constantly on the move for almost 5 days. As one of our drivers said so well, “This feels like one continuous day.” Yes, it does. Grateful because this is a Kingdom-advancing-show-the-least-of-these-the-love-of-Jesus-thing. Grateful because of Hopesters who have been such an encouragement by way of your prayers, words of support, and very generous giving. Grateful because I am part of this event.

Delirious and grateful. One continuous day. Sound familiar?  Sound like life?

I can guarantee you it wasn’t like this in Eden. As the Eagles sing, “We’re a long way out of Eden.” Because of our rebellion against God we are all a bit delirious, confused, and just generally out-of-sorts. Because of sin life has lost its meaning and direction for far too many. Look around and you will see this delirium and lack of direction, meaning, and hope.

And thus we ride, using what we have and who we are, to bring the love of Jesus to those who have been brutalized and marginalized by this world. Together, Team Hope, all of us who willing and humbly joined together to carry out the Great Commission and lift up Jesus.

Delirious and grateful… but saved by the grace of God and love of Jesus. Even though life is not always easy, it is well with my soul, and I’ve got a feeling everything is gonna work out right!


PS: By the time you read this Steve and Jeff’s epic adventure is over. They have returned home and are doing great! But it’s not too late to support their Ride4Refugees cause. Donations can be made at: