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Interested in a discipleship relationship?

In the Scriptures, when Jesus calls people to follow Him, He doesn’t call them to a church service or a Bible study (even though those can be really good things). He calls people into a relationship…a relationship with Him and with each other. When observing Jesus with his disciples, we see that He lived life with them, traveled with them, and ate with them. They were with one another in community. He served them and gave them experiences that helped shape them.

One of the ways we can experience growth and transformation in our spiritual lives is to have another Follower of Jesus discipling us. This happens best when we share our lives as Jesus did with his disciples. At Hope, we are committed to seeing as many as possible engaged in these types of life-changing relationships, and we have a committed team of disciplers available.

Our goal is that every Follower of Jesus is involved in discipleship, but here are some ways you might know you’re ready for this type of relationship:

  • You feel like you are needing some direction in your spiritual life
  • You feel stuck or not sure what to do next to grow in your walk with Jesus
  • You want to address specific areas in your life to improve your walk with Jesus
  • You have questions about your faith and would like to have someone knowledgeable to ask
  • You are wanting to develop your ability to lead and serve in the Kingdom

If you are interested in a discipleship relationship, fill out the form below and we will contact you about how to get into one of these relationships.