I Need Help

Nick MartineauBlog

When was the last time you asked someone for help? Or are you one of those mythical creatures who has everything all figured out and life has fallen perfectly in order for you?  I’ve heard about people like that but have yet to meet one.

I think, if we are honest, we all could use a little help. None of us have mastered our craft.  We still occasionally stumble and no one I know has gotten everything figured out.  We all could use a little help one way or another!

In fact, I just recently needed a little parenting and marriage help myself. I have been married almost 16 years and have been a dad for about 13.  Yet, I could tell I was going to need some help as I headed into this next season of life.  I spoke with some friends and got some advice, then found a man farther along on his marriage/parenting journey than I was and so I asked for his help. Seeking his advice gave me a broader perspective and direction forward that proved helpful.

As we have set out to start a discipleship movement at Hope, we have identified “asking for help” as one of the core hallmarks of discipleship relationships. When looking to be discipled by other person, there is an understanding that the mentor has something of value to offer the person being discipled. To truly enter into this discipleship relationship, you must first come with the humble posture of a student needing help and ready to learn. It takes humbleness to ask for help.  Jesus tells us, “those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)

My grandpa, at age 94, still met with a few men older than him every week. He once told me, “I still have a lot to learn from those men that have a few years of experience on me.” That thought makes me laugh, but I know there’s a wonderful truth in that statement. The thing about the discipleship journey is that none of us have arrived and that we can all use a little help.

Are you able to identify what it is that you need help with? Are you able to identify what it is that is keeping you from seeking that help?

As a discipleship movement takes off at Hope, we are praying for humble hearts ready and willing to seek help. If you are looking for more resources to guide you along your discipleship journey, or if you want some help getting matched up with someone to disciple you, then please check out: www.welcome2hope.com/discipleship

Please be praying for this discipleship movement to take off within our community.