What Is Worship?

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As you know, Pastor Aaron and his family are being called to Dallas after this school year, which means we have started the search for a new worship pastor for Hope. We are incredibly grateful for the gift of time Aaron gave us, it is truly a blessing and allows us to work through the process of this very important decision. The good news is, we know the Lord already has the person in mind and we’re praying for them as we walk through this process.

Our search team has met a few times to talk through the gravity of this decision and to discuss what Hope desires and needs in a new worship pastor. To bring the body up-to-speed, here are some of the questions we’ve asked and talked through so far.

First, we asked what is worship? Can you worship in a field, in the mountains, on the lake? Can you worship without music? I think you can. I’ve been very moved being in God’s creation — witnessing a beautiful sunrise or sunset that has caused me to stop and worship. Music doesn’t have to be a part of that.

But we know we want music as part of our weekly services. We also know there are lots of options, opinions and preferences when it comes to music. I bet if we looked at favorite radio stations or playlists from across the body we’d have a wide range of music represented.

We then asked who is better at worship…Those that sit or those that stand? Those that sing hymns or those that like modern praise songs? Those that clap or those that dance? Those that kneel or those that raise a hand? I know heartfelt Jesus followers that tear up when they praise God through the traditional hymns and I know heartfelt Jesus followers that give it their all dancing as they praise God. The bottom line — neither one is better than the other, worship is an issue of the heart.

And we all really want someone with a heart for worship. Someone who is able to lead Hopesters and those in our surrounding community into worship. Did you know that our founding families came from very traditional worship settings? But they denied their preferences and wanted what would best connect with the culture and nonbelievers in our community. When I think about that, it’s very humbling to me. They denied themselves for the sake of others.

With all of that said, your preferences and experiences matter. And we want to hear from you regarding worship here at Hope. Below is a link to a form with a few open-ended questions our search team has put together. If you’d like, please take the time to share your thoughts with the search team for their consideration moving forward. We know this is a big decision and we want to make sure those who have thoughts and opinions are able to share them.

Finally, please be praying for our worship search team as we know meeting everyone’s worship preferences is an impossibility. Pray for wisdom and discernment for our team. Please pray for our new worship pastor. And pray for unity and joy. As I mentioned, we know the Lord already knows who it is.

You can provide feedback at welcome2hope.com/search.

Pastor Charlie